The Fur Pet Resort is overseen by people who adore animals and who have the knowledge and experience to care for your animals in the safest way. Having owned pets their entire lives and always having a passion for them, the owners decided to make caring for pets for a living part of their daily lifestyle in 2003 when they started Well-trained, professional staffanother doggy daycare and pet resort in the metro Atlanta area.  That business is still going strong and they enjoy working with the animals and the other team members who care for the animals every day.

Besides their personal experiences with owning many pets and another successful pet care business, they have also studied animal behavior and taken numerous seminars and training classes about animals.  The owners are very active with the ABKA (American Boarding Kennels Association) and participate in their training classes, testing and seminars frequently.  Having attended seminars and classes nationwide and studying an array of topics including pet first aid, dog behavior and industry trends, they are more than qualified to lead a quality-trained and educated team to care for your pet.

Both the owners have added their experiences and knowledge into The Fur Pet Resort and now can give customers in Peachtree City and surrounding areas the same customer service and quality pet care that have become synonymous with them.

The Fur Pet Resort

As a pet owner who enjoys the best for their pet,
that is exactly what you’ll find when you leave your pet with us at The Fur Pet Resort!