Doggie Daycare

Your pet will love his playtime at The Fur Pet Resort!  No more lonely or bored dogs, indoor accidents or chewed furniture.   Bring your pet to us for a fun day he won’t soon forget!We Love Our Clients!


Please phone ahead for a reservation!

All guests participating in our playgroups that are 7 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered.  We reserve the right to refuse group playtime activities if your dog isn’t doing well with the other dogs.

You can bring your dog any day of the week for play sessions done in our secured, fenced outdoor play yard or inside our large climate controlled play room.  Dogs will be allowed to play throughout the day with 4 sessions: 40-45 minutes in length each time with naps and rest periods in between.  Monitoring by a trained The Fur pet care technician during play is done to ensure no one gets out of control.  Dogs are divided according to size and temperament allowing for safe and injure free playtimes.

Daily Daycare             $19/daily  – 2nd dog from family only $15 extra

Furry Friends Packages:

5 day prepay pass $90 – 2nd dog from family only $65 extra
10 day prepay pass $170 – 2nd dog from family only $120 extra
20 day prepay pass $320 – 2nd dog from family only $250 extra
½ day (4 hours or less) $10 (over 4 hours considered a full day and charged as such)

Furry Friends Package members can allow their pets to have an overnight stay for just $11 per pet in addition to the daycare day!  Must be current on the Furry Friends Package to get this offer! (Sorry, other The Fur activities and packages not included in this special offer but can be added to an overnight stay with the appropriate charges).

These dogs love to play!*Things to think about:

At The Fur Pet Resort, we understand the social nature of your dog.  While some dogs do enjoy lots of activity, the majority of dogs are like children and need to have some rest periods or nap times between play sessions.  Although some dogs would probably play all day if you allowed it, just like children, sometimes an adult needs to step in and tell them when they need to rest.  We have found that rest periods along with play sessions allows for a tired pet at the end of the day but it also eliminates the possibility that the dog has been over stressed or irritable from being forced to stay in a non-stop environment all day.

Dogs do prefer to have some down time and because we give our pets at daycare this time for rest, we eliminate lots of irritated dog behavior that usually leads to fighting or the threat of fighting.  This in turn, gives you a pet at the end of the day that has been safely played with but is not overtired.