About Us

The Fur Pet Resort is managed and operated by a team of people who are pet lovers at heart who have been trained extensively in quality pet care.  The managers of The Fur Pet Resort have years of experience in the pet care industry as they have owned and operated another successful dog daycare and Pet Resort in the metro Atlanta area since 2003. A passion for animals, a team of animal loving, professionally trained staff, and a safe secure environment is what you can expect to find when you entrust us to care for your pet.

Family Owned & OperatedEveryone at The Fur Pet Resort & Dog Daycare understands the social nature of your pet and your pet’s need and desire for companionship. Unlike most kennels or dog boarding facilities, you can add on a wonderful package full of playtimes and other activities for your pet’s comfort and enjoyment. Gone are the days where your dog is put in a cage to sit by himself all day.  At The Fur Pet Resort we have an array of options and activities to add for your pet’s enjoyment while they stay with us and you can choose which one’s are most appropriate for you pet’s personality.

If your dog just has to have the company of other canine friends, that’s not a problem at The Fur Pet Resort. Here we allow well-behaved dogs to play together under the careful supervision of our pet care technicians where they are grouped together based on size or temperament.  Our wonderful wooded property is over 2 acres in size and allows for off leash play secured by ample perimeter fencing and secure play yards.

Even if your dog isn’t the active type or maybe just doesn’t prefer the company of other canine companions, we have plenty of options for your dog that still allow it maximum amounts of human interaction and attention daily.Well-trained, professional staff

Whether it’s bedtime or just time for a quick nap between activities, your dog will have a private, indoor/outdoor run, where he/she has access to come and go as they please.  This enables your pet to stay more comfortable throughout their stay because they can choose when they would like to “go potty”.  Our runs are also heated and/or cooled for the best in climate-controlled relaxation.

Now you have the option of bringing your pet to a wonderful “home away from home” environment.  We are believers in a hands-on approach of pet care that provides your pet with love, interaction, activity and attention.  This allows for a less stressed, healthier pet that isn’t starved for attention when you return.

Of course, cats are also more than welcome at The Fur Pet Resort.  Our cat area is very spacious and separate from the dogs for a quiet and relaxing spot all to themselves.  Purrfect for cats as they always enjoy a quieter location. They are also treated to window views of the beautiful trees and the entertainment of the birds passing by or perching on the nearest tree branch. The cat apartments are large and cozy and suitable for even the most finicky of felines.